Ilias Lalaounis

Jeweler, artist and academician, has become world renowned for creating luxurious gold jewelry steeped in history. Ilias Lalaounis was born in Athens in 1920, the fourth generation of a family of goldsmiths and watchmakers from Delphi. After studying economics and law at the University of Athens, he decided to join his uncle’s jewelry firm, where, apprenticed as a goldsmith, he learned the skills that were to determine his future as a master craftsman. In the 1950’s, while Greece was recovering from the war years, Lalaounis’ vision became clear: he decided to breathe new life into Greek museum artifacts and transform them into jewelry by reviving age old techniques while also introducing the use of modern technology. His craft would not only be about producing and object of beauty; he would also seek to convey the spiritual and symbolic link of an object to its historical past. In order to perfect his art, Ilias Lalaounis needed not only to grasp the idea behind those ancient creations, but also to school his fellow craftsmen in the art of neglected/forgotten techniques, such as granulation, filigree, etc. His collections, dripping in the 18 and 22 karat gold, were inspired by the art of many different cultures and periods. His interest spanned from prehistoric to Minoan art, from Persian to Byzantine, from Chinese art to the art of the Tudors. As appreciation of his work spread, the business continued to grow, expanding throughout Europe, Asia and America. He became the first goldsmith to be honored by the Institute de Frrance, Academie des Beaux Arts et des Lettres, for his inspired contribution to the art of jewelry creation. Since 1998, the mantle of Ilias Lalaounis’ inexhaustible creativity has been passed on to his daughters, who are ensuring the continuity of his legacy and that Lalaounis timeless creations will continue to adorn women and men for generations to com. Whether on the red carpet on in exclusive advertising campaigns, the jewelry of Ilias Lalaounis has become an indispensable addition to celebrity style.

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