Elena Syraka

Elena has a background as a stylist which is what has given her a unique perspective of how different elements of expression can merge harmoniously and how jewellery can complement an outfit becoming the extension of a woman’s personality.

With studies in fashion, jewellery design and gemology in Athens and Paris, she soon starter experimenting with different materials and became known for the uniqueness of the forms of her pieces and the use of unconventional materials. Due to their, often, dramatic character, Elena has regularly been called upon to create pieces for the cinema and theatre.

t was her passion, though, for ancient civilizations that defined her aesthetics. Due to her unique ability to skillfully merge styles and cultures, Elena has created designs that offer a fresh and contemporary interpretation to ancient symbols and have become modern must haves. Her inspirations originated in her Greek Heritage: “Idols”inspired by the Cycladic symbols, “Demi-Gods” inspired by the 12 mythical Gods of Olympus and the “Protect Me” collection, an assortment of evil eyes.

Kultia proudly presents to you Elena Syraka.