Alexia Gryllaki

Alexia is a true polymath; she has a BSc in Philosophy and History of Science, an MA in Corporate Finance and in 2012 completed a degree in Gemology and Jewelry Design at the Gemological Institute of America in London. Alexia spent the first three years of her jewelry career designing behind-the-scenes for Greek and Italian fine jewelry brands and at a high-end gemstone dealer, testing and authenticating gemstones. Winning the coveted President’s International Design Award from the Cultured Pearl Association of America in November 2015 gave her the confidence and impetus to launch her eponymous collection in early 2016.

A Greek citizen, geographically her life is currently split into two capitals, London and Athens, where she lives and creates, with frequent intervals of travels to other inspirational places around the world.

Alexia believes that the real wonder of jewellery originates from the blend of a variety of ingredients at the right dosage; a golden ratio between beauty, quality, functionality and sentimentality. Alexia combines art and science to design heart driven creations poured with her passion for gemstones.

Kultia proudly presents to you Alexia Gryllaki.