Welcome to Kultia

When I introduce Kultia, I always like to say that Kultia is a new age jewelry visionary, where the old-fashioned feeling of a luxury jeweler is combined with the technological future, taking the form of a timeless and avant-garde boutique

Inspired by a profound Greek jewelry tradition and its many talented modern representatives my vision for Kultia became to simply bring together outstanding jewelry designers from all over the world, creating the Kultia Signature Collection of jewelry masters. All Kultia Signature designers have a great history and have built their heritage through many years of designing exceptional jewels. For some their fame might have travelled across the globe displaying an impressive international stock-list, while others might be considered local treasures with hard to find collections and jewels that take long time to be crafted. In all cases, the Kultia Signature designers are recognized for their unsurpassed craftsmanship, fine materials and originality and their jewels have been carefully selected to enchant jewelry connoisseurs and collectors throughout the world.

In 2014, after the successful establishment of the Kultia Jewelry corners in several luxury resorts, the Kultia Resort collection was introduced. A stylish & relaxed collection of precious jewellery, inspired by the charming atmosphere of our luxury resort partners, has been carefully put together, selecting pieces both from our Signature designers as well as from little known artisans of the jewellery world.

Curating our collections, in Kultia we work closely with the designers and develop a personal relationship with every single one of them. With the emphasis on the psyche of the designers, as each and every creation is a personal account, Kultia invites us to inhabit a magical world. Kultia becomes your inspirational curator of exquisite jewels, carefully selecting pieces that will become heirlooms to be handed down to the next generations, eye turners that provoke, or simply, private treasures.


Marina Manolopoulou-Vassiliou

About Marina

Marina has been developing new concepts as an entrepreneur and consultant for many years. Born and raised in Greece, Marina studied in the USA where she got her MBA from Wharton. She then worked in London for LEK Consulting and then joined McKinsey & Company, to finally return to her home country. Her last successfully developed venture was a high-end healthy food chain. In 2010 she decided to sell her share in order to focus on her true passion; jewelry.

Marina, an amateur artist and jewelry maker herself, has been collecting exquisite jewels since childhood. As she grew, the pebble necklaces became intricate golden pendants, but still, her eye for the extraordinary is what she is known for and where friends will always look for inspiration and advice. Her keen sense of business and great understanding of the designers’ needs, along with her personal style, have made Kultia a special partner to the world’s greatest jewelry makers and an unsurpassed destination for the discerning jewelry lover.

About the Kultia team:

Alexandros Papanikolaou


Alexandros, the Kultia jewels photographer, is a true artist, as original and skillful as the Kultia Jewelry designers themselves. With his lens he has managed to capture the soul of every single jewel in unique ways, bringing out all their beauty and yet staying true to their designs. Alexandros is based in Athens Greece, focusing on fashion, beauty and advertising photography; his work has been published in several Greek and international fashion magazines.

Theano Petridou


Theano is the psyche behind the elegant Kultia visual designs and its unparalleled sophisticated and distinct positioning. Born and raised in Greece, Theano studied Graphic Design at Vacalo Art Schoolin Athens and Parsons, School of Design in New York. In 2001 along with her two partners, an Architect andan Industrial designer, she created the creative agency “We design” covering many different fields of design and as a resulthavereceived numerous awards & distinctions for their original work.